Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/9 – 7/15/2018


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Decks Used: The Night Sun Tarot & The Mystic Tarot
Overall Message:
7 of swords (past) 7 of pentacles – rx (present) Wheel of Fortune (unknown) King of Wands (motivations) The Magician- rx (environment) 9 of Wands (advice) Knight of Swords – rx (outcome) Deck Bottom = The Lovers – rx

Deceit, secrecy, utter mind fuckery have been at play or showing up in readings one way or another since summer began. Someone has a secret plan or manipulation at play to get their way, but the end result is that they lose the effort and investment of those who believe in them or want to or undermine their own goals due to lack of integrity. Unbeknownst to these people, significant changes are occurring within those around us and that is effecting the changes we see impacting our environments. This #CancerSeason #SolarEclipse is clearing what holds us stagnant regardless of our resistance. Some of us may have unfinished business that is held up while navigating a sea of confusing and ulterior motives. Focus on what matters. Don’t muddy your own energy trying to play the game of malice with those who wish you ill. Your confidence, charisma, and creativity will hold you in good stead this week, so long as you remain grounded in what is rather than what you wish to manifest. Operate in the here and now as if the future you desire is already arriving. Persist through setbacks, remain consistent, and remind yourself regularly of your power. Believe nothing heard, and assume there is more to what is shown than meets the eye.

Monday: 2 of Cups Today is a day for camaraderie, vulnerability, shared healing, and integration of our own duality. Communicating from a place of emotional integrity and sensitivity to your own emotional state and that of those around you is highlighted. Some of us may be solidifying or considering a new friendship or romance.

Tuesday: Judgement Life changing decisions, sudden awareness of the consequences of one’s actions, or second chances to apply the lessons we have learned come up for us to look at today. With Jupiter going direct on this day, we just may get a discernible turn in our luck for the positive. Remain grounded, optimistic, and honest in your dealing with those around you. That is the key to attaining the success you seek.

Wednesday: 8 of Cups (rx) Some of us are fighting with ourselves to stay or leave a situation where our emotional investments have been ignored neglected or worse off, we’ve been drained emotionally without any feedback or reciprocity from those we care for. Others of us may be dealing with someone gets going quickly when the going gets tough or someone can see us this way (accurately or otherwise). This card can highlight a lack of true commitment to an emotional bond or conflict avoidance.

Thursday: 4 of Swords (rx)  Healing has taken place. It’s time to move. Emerging from a period of solitude, rest, and contemplation we are now ready to take actions supporting our goals, connections, and new beginnings.  Some of us are looking for change, some for stability, others for clarity. After taking sometime to go within and rebalance, we find the peace we’ve been seeking and now we walk the talk.

Friday: 8 of Swords (rx) Free yourself.  The time is now to exercise your creative will power and release yourself from a limiting situation. It’s likely this situation was created by your looping and self-limiting thought patterns.  Remove the blindfold, stop ignoring the elephant in the room.  It’s your responsibility to co-create the lifestyle you desire with the support of the Universe. “None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley

Saturday: Ace of Pentacles (rx) Are you able to accept yourself after making a mistake? You may have found it difficult to bring a project to fruition or completion due to a feeling or literal lack be it energy, money, or some other resource that provides additional potential for growth.  There is still a new beginning to be had here. Readjust your focus toward what you now have and be grateful and creative for the opportunity to grow something stable and long term from it. Embody what autonomy means to you.

Sunday: (Princess) Page of Pentacles (rx) Are you feeling blocked from your goals, growth, or otherwise lacking resources and support? Those around you are not aligned with growth in the way you want to pursue it and it maybe that the new beginning on offer here is being energetically blocked by your continued proximity to that place, person, or idea. Make sure that you are realistic and self-motivating at this time. If you are having troubled self starting, make a list of your positive attributes and skills and think of how you may use them creatively and consistently to create a stable lifestyle that reflects who you are at best.



Weekly Tarot Forecast 7/2 – 7/8/2018


Decks Used: Manzel Bowman Tarot (IG: @artxman) & The Wild Unknown Tarot

Overall Message: 5 of Cups, The Hermit, King of Pentacles, King of Cups, Page of Pentacles (rx), 5 of Swords (rx), 6 of Wands (3 of Swords) Some of us have recently emerged from a lonely period or emotionally imbalanced state related to a bond from the past that may have been lost or tarnished by our inappropriate or immature behavior, or simply lack of understanding. Healing a severed bond is highlighted here. Ask yourself, in light of your recent emotional experiences, lessons, and relationships what have you learned about authenticity, groundedness, oneness & how your relationship to these ideas affects your connections? Are you fully aware of what you have to offer from your individual emotional banks and how can you use this new understanding to move forward with new self-awareness and self control as a result? Now it’s time to look at ourselves in relation to our environments and guage the distance left between our conscious self expression and full embodiment of our best selves. Accept that this is a lifetime process, that it requires your conscious effort and consistency & that every emotion that passes is not one to which you must react.  There is no linear healing or growth, only a cyclical learning experience upon which we double back on our experiences to find deeper and more resonating truths to propel and fulfill us.  Unbeknownst to some of us, a nurturing, emotionally mature individual in our environment would like to offer us emotional support and/or material assistance.  As this energy shows up as masculine it is more providing than receptive.  For those of you who are male, you may be finding within yourself the power to forgive in order to grow and reconnect to a source of deep emotional connection.  We are all encouraged to ground ourselves in the here and now regardless of the chaos we sense taking place around us. Be as non-reactive as possible in situations that have a history of triggering you.  This is self mastery. Learn from your mistakes & from those of others, but also acknowledge them. Rise above selfishness, vindictiveness, jealousy, and low vibrational communication.  The result of your effort is balanced success in the spiritual and material aspects of your life and recognition and appreciation of your authentic self expression. *There is a strong Cancerian and Virgo energy represented here. Some of you may have strong placements or be dealing with someone expressing these energies. Mars (tower) in Aquarius is also showing its face with the predominance of air in the minors.

Monday: 4 of Swords (Air) We are attempting to replenish our inner peace and restore our mental balance after an emotional upset, possibly the loss of an emotional connection or some difficult to accept communication. Allow yourself the rest required to manifest stability and security within.
Tuesday: 6 of swords (Air)
Having renewed our inner resources and return to a place of calm internally, we are now compelled to physically relocate ourselves, to move out of environments that cause us emotional imbalance or mental unrest and into connections and surroundings aligned with growth, reciprocity, and peace.  This card can also represent returning to an improved state of mind after a period of turmoil & resentment fueled by external conflict.
Wednesday: The Chariot (Water) There is much emphasis on travel this week!  Focus, discipline, & consistency lend themselves directly to freedom and when this card shows up you’re called to balance these energies in order to make substantial progress toward a goal.  Use your vast energetic reserves to meet , master, & integrate your shadow with your best intentions for growth, movement, and success.  Ground yourself emotionally and consider the creative potential inherent in balancing the conflicting influences in your life.
Thursday: 4 of Pentacles (Earth) Our motivations this week may need to be reconsidered.  On one end this card represents storing our energy in order to later invest in something valuable (keeping our emotions to ourselves until we are sure of our desires or others intentions, or simply saving money for a rainy day or large purchase).  On the other, it can indicate greed, possessiveness, and an inability to open up to others. In general this is about barricading the self with the comfort of familiarity, thereby blocking opportunities & limiting growth because the act of opening may entail an element of loss or uncertainty
Friday: Knight of Cups (Water) Healing, emotional balance and growing maturity allow us to fully participate in our connection to the world around us today via our empathetic ability and willingness to practice vulnerability in our communication with others. Some of us may be extending or receiving offers of love & reconciliation, or simply forgiveness.  This card represents a quick moving person expressing him/herself emotionally or relaying a message that impacts the emotional state of others
Saturday: The Tower (rx) (Fire) Change is a foot, but it need not equate to upheaval when this card shows up reversed. Remain calm and place your energy toward the rebuilding, restructuring, or solidifying a weak foundation, financially, in a relationship, or within yourself.  Something unstable has been broken down and we’ve managed to avoid the worst of the chaos and pain associated with change.  Now it is time to begin anew. Make sure the new foundation is created with the lessons of the past in mind
Sunday: Ace of Swords (rx)(Air) Lies, deceit and misunderstanding are clouding the day, encouraging us to delay communication until we come to a place of internal clarity and align ourselves with our personal integrity. Pay close attention to the communication of others and inquire or analyze the motives behind others advice or requests made toward you. Be vigilant, logical, and detach from expectations and emotions associated with any events or people you encounter on this day.

(*Hanged Man as the additional info suggest there is a period of stillness necessary so that we can change our perspectives and thereby our experiences. This energy permeates all other cards throughout the week. Be receptive to a change of opinion)

Weekly Tarot Forecast 6/25 – 7/1/2018


DECKS USED: “Book of Thoth” & The Jungian Tarot

Overall Message: #4ofSwords #5ofPentacles #2ofCups #TheSun #4ofCups #3ofPentacles #6ofPentacles [ #TheHermit #AceofCups ] We are re-emerging from a period of introspective solitude or extended meditation to find ourselves faced with the emotions, connections, and inherited behaviors of the past.  Growing in self love requires we go within and take our integrity with us, honestly facing that which is difficult and looking for the well of opportunity there from which we can evolve.  Some of us may be doing inner child or shadow work in order to heal a poverty mindset or low self-esteem. What results is a stronger and much improved sense of self worth and personal value.  We may be feeling weighed down and isolated if we are undergoing this process without external support & understanding, especially with the Full Moon in Capricorn(click to read more from HoodMystic)energy affecting us throughout the entire week.  However, the underlying energy is that of emotional vulnerability.  We must integrate this energy with responsible action in the material realm.  With Mecury in Cancer opposing this lunation, it’s no wonder the pull toward vulnerability is near irresistible.  We are all wanting to share our emotions, possibly related to the past, or are looking to enter into collaborative healing processes with those around us who are also lingering in the energy of attachment.  Adopting an optimistic attitude toward the lessons we are learning now and using them to guide our actions and decisions (while of course expecting the best of the Universe) is how we manifest the lifestyle and connections that are most closely aligned with our highest potentials. This is co-creation.  Our environment or those with whom we share our daily lives may be disinterested in the emotional experiences being offered or we may be disillusioned with the emotional engagements presenting themselves in the present moment. Either way, we are called to adopt a cooperative stance toward building a stable foundation.  Balanced output of effort and the ability to receive with grace, sincerity, and gratitude will be rewarded.  Offer and expect reciprocity from those with whom you want to grow.

Monday: #8ofSwords “Interference” Our thoughts may be keeping us stuck in state of immobility.  Overthinking due to fear and lack of persistence toward our goals has led us into looping over worst case scenarios. Constantly acting from a fear of failure is not likely going offer us a successful outcome. Release yourself from the perspective of victimhood.  The compromising position in which you now find yourself is of your own making, and therefor it is within your power to release yourself. Meditate to regain control of your thoughts and allow any decisions causing you anxiety or ambivalence to wait. Clarity comes from a place of peace, so direct your focus and effort there.

Tuesday: #6ofCups “Pleasure” The Moon is in Sagittarius today is making a trine to Venus in Leo , and as a result our experience takes a major upswing.  Redirect your focus toward that which brings you a sense of joy and emotional communion.  Lose yourself in the pleasure of the current moment.  Some of us may be experiencing nostalgia or reuniting with friends, lovers, and versions of ourselves who connect us with our roots or enlighten us to the nature of our attachments.

Wednesday: #10ofDisks “Wealth” Making use of the abundance of value within will produce growth, stability and abundance without. What do you value about yourself? What do you value in others? Recognize that you won’t see outside what does not exist internally, and adjust your energetic expression and efforts toward that which fuels your growth emotionally and materially.  As a 10-card, this represents a cycle coming to an end, possibly a cycle of lack.  Place yourself in environments where sharing from a place of sincerity and authenticity is the norm and expectation.

Thursday: #Adjustment (#Justice) Decisions made now must be made from a balanced place within in order to create a faire and balanced outcome for yourself and those with whom you are building.  Intention must be clarified and directly acknowledged.  Authenticity and openness allow you the freedom to follow through on that which matters most to you without interference. Legal dealings will go in your favor provided you consistently speak & act with integrity.

Friday: “Prince” #KnightOfSwords  Direct and dynamic communication aided by intuition and logical analysis of reality allow us forward movement today.  It’s a day to go forth with both passion and clarity in tandem.  This is how we ensure success.  Clarify your desires and make the necessary decisions and plans, then follow through.  For those of us feeling combative with this Mars Retrograde energy in Aquarius, we are called to redirect or low-vibrational emotions and experiences into a creative expression of our experiences without cutting down those with whom we are not energetically aligned.

Saturday: #3ofSwords “Sorrow” Lack of clarity in an emotional situation, possibly one affected by multiple external influences is leading us into murky waters.  Our pain regarding a connection (or the severing of one) is contributing to confusion about how to proceed.  Maintaining control of our thoughts allows us to come into a place of internal balance necessary for deep and authentic healing. Recognize that your outlook regarding a difficult circumstance can either hinder or assist you with transcending it. Attempting to avoid necessary decisions will cause a negative outcome.

Sunday: #2ofWands “Dominion” Today is a day to consider the myriad of paths that can lead you to your goal.  Confident decision making and follow through is indicated on this date as well as travel. Gather your courage and creative energy and concentrate on the possibly drastic changes needing to be made to ensure your continued forward movement. This care also speaks of the specific creative energy generated as a result of destruction.  What can you create from the remnants of your past experiences that is innovative, valuable, and aligned with you?



Tarot Spread: Yearly Forecast/Solar Return — AstreauxBytch

1.) Your Conscious Self This card represents what you are aware of about yourself, including attributes, flaws, and potential. This represents the energy with which you naturally face life events/circumstances/other people throughout your solar year. 2.) Your Unconscious Self The card in this position is here to enlighten you to things about yourself that […]

via Tarot Spread: Yearly Forecast/Solar Return — AstreauxBytch

Weekly Tarot Forecast 6/18 – 6/24/2018


Decks Used: The Cosmic Tarot & Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Overall Messages:
#5ofPentacles #TheHighPriestess #WheelofFortune (rx) #QueenofWands (rx) #TheTower (rx) #10ofCups (rx) #2ofCups (rx)
Many of us are meeting the summer with much enthusiasm, coming out of isolation to offer our gifts, energy and affections to those by whom we feel valued and understood at a deep level.  Releasing the internal conflict that often arises as a result of conflict, competition or petty behavior with others allows us to focus on the changes we wish to bring about in our lives. (three 5 cards back to back). Now we are getting into touch with our intuition and utilizing our logic and cunning to bring about necessary changes within ourselves.  Aligning our energetic output and emotional body with the manifestation we desire propels us out of stagnancy and deeper into our individual power and experience as a part of Source.  Balancing the emotional and mental faculties & integrating the pursuit of spiritual evolution and inner peace with that of material achievement and comfort.  This is how we ground ourselves when faulty foundations are falling apart around us. There is a definite end to an emotional bond indicated here. Recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance are the necessary prerequisites for deeper and more loving connections with ourselves and to others. Make sure to embody and act upon the lessons learned in this situation in the future!

MONDAY: 5 of Wands (rx) Rising above conflict sometimes require we take a loss or accept a change we didn’t anticipate such as disconnecting where pettiness. competition or minor conflict has outgrown the usefulness of a collaborative effort.  Accept that while you may share goals with some people, not all of them value the same processes or can go with you on your journey.

TUESDAY: 5 of Swords (rx)  Obviously bitterness has arisen as a result of the previous conflict, pettiness or competition.  It could be due to the selfishness or vindictive actions or communications someone has taken.  Both 5 cards represent egoic conflicts due to all parties resistance to change.  Allow the changes to take place within you and those with whom you want remain connected.  Cease trying to force your subjective responses and ideals onto others.  Accept that things may not ever be the way they used to or the way you expect them. Your effort to remain in control is only creating more back biting, upheaval, and dissatisfaction.

WEDNESDAY: The Hermit  Today is a day where willingness to go within and be honest with ones self about what we know is there will lead us to a truth we can work with. Spend enough time alone (in silence not browsing social media or participating any other activity focused on others) to see yourself accurately for better and worse and accept that the things you may prefer to ignore can still be seen by the outside world.  It’s time you acknowledge, accept, and allow this new awareness to grow you and assist you with the process of growth and evolution.

THURSDAY: Temperance Balance is the name of the game today. We are faced with a need to temper our responses to the external world with our sense of self control and self awareness within.  Integrate your efforts for spiritual growth with your efforts in the more material and mundane areas of your life and you will see just how much satisfaction is to be obtained simply due to resonance.  Balanced energetic output results in experiences that facilitate more balance naturally. Careful not to overreact to those intentionally trying to upset you.

FRIDAY: 2 of Swords  Today, we are faced with a decision that may require us to sacrifice emotional security or rely on our intuition rather than our logic.  A stalemate situation has occurred and some of us may be tempted to rest in the state of ambivalence this card implies.   Don’t waste time deliberating when you know a situation is a catch 22, prioritize the choice that least upsets your sense of balanced.  On the flip side someone may be choosing whether or not to communicate.  The truth backs itself up so don’t be afraid to speak yours.

SATURDAY: Ace of Swords  The choice from yesterday to speak or not to speak comes up for review today as the truth is either communicated or discovered one way or the other, and with it some severance or separation may occur.   Another possibility with this card is that some fogginess, miscommunication or outright deceit is uncovered and clarified and with this newfound clarity, a potential for a new beginning also arrives.

SUNDAY: 2 of Pentacles This week, personal will and practical decision making are emphasized.  The week ends with yet another decision, this time of a practical nature.  Where do we invest our emotional energy, finances, and physical effort in order to build upon a stable and long lasting foundation with potential for greater growth?  Is it creative project, relationships, education,  or finances?  Either way, today is a day to be patient and consider that which provides the necessary fuel for forward movement.


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