Weekly Tarot Forecast 5/7 – 5/13/18

Decks Used: Deviant Moon Tarot & Voyager Tarot

Overall Messages (bottom of the deck): #8ofWands (rx) & #5ofWands (rx)  Sometimes restricting the exchange of energy is the only way to resolve a conflict or circumvent petty behavior, meaningless competition, or communication blockages.  Someone may be cut off due to these behaviors or may be called out for not walking it like they talking it.


#The Star & #3ofWands (rx) Lack of confidence in our manifesting ability or miscalculating the consequences of one’s actions creates potential to waste opportunities for growth, healing, or wish fulfillment. Whichever scenario applies to you, optimism, proper planning, and fearless action taking are the tools needed to materialize our desired lifestyles. Pay close attention to who comes into your experience this week and what events occur as there is a chance you are missing out on the external support by being exclusively introspective. There may be an reward or wish fulfillment greater than your expectations or outside what you’re preoccupied by.  WAKE UP!!!!

#4ofPentacles & #TheHermit Someone may be staying to themselves or turning down social invitations in effort to build a nest egg or make a large purchase.  Others of us have withdrawn from some connections and are no longer sharing resources, emotions or time with those around us out of fear of rejection, misunderstanding, or being taken advantage off.  Feeling entitled to specific responses, repressing feelings, and using others as distractions leads to isolation.  Check this out the video below by Teal Swan regarding deflection. If you’re someone who loathes solitude, consider if what you expect from others is what you are giving or are you giving out what you think people should want and expecting your very real desires to be met in exchange?   There is a pronounced need for radical honesty with oneself and deep introspection regarding self-worth, personal values and vulnerability.

#TheLovers & #4ofWands A life changing decision regarding a living situation or what brings someone a sense of long term stability is being made mid-week and it may include the choice to enter a long-term committed partnership or take a relationship to the next level.  Someone may even have chosen between two potential partners before making their selection.  There is a distinct sense of duality with this pairing as the 4 of wands also represents 1111 and The Lovers signifies twin souls and the union of opposites.  There is a complimentary, opposites attracting vibe here.  You may meet your match in someone you least expect to be fitting. Good luck!

#10ofPentacles & #PageofSwords (rx) Dishonesty regarding a business partnership, long term commitment or living situation is highlighted today, possibly ending a cycle.  There’s a secretive, malicious energy within some collaborative effort.  Someone is spreading rumors about the financial state either about their own funds or the shared cost of some resource. It could also be that someone is unaware of being used financially. Maintain a disciplined approach to your finances and do not make any new financial agreements. Take the time to review those you are already committed to and avoid frivolous spending now, as you may suffer a loss from which  you need to recover due to someone elses’ manipulation.

#TheWorld (rx) & #Balance (#Justice )  Fairness to oneself and others is how we progress toward ultimate fulfillment and it is also how we make our individual contribution to the collective evolution.  Be careful not to grow lazy when you reach one goal, as there is always the responsibility of maintaining it and the potential for further growth.  Some of us are fearing success and this mindset is creating delays to manifesting our own contentment. Keep heart and keep going!  The finish line is just beyond your comfort zone. There maybe some ongoing legal issue that is decided in someone’s favor though maybe not to your expectations.

#3ofPentacles &  #8ofWands Messages regarding collaborative or creative efforts will be rapidly exchanged this week, possibly electronically or by phone.  There is a need for proper planning and cooperation in addition to effective communication and an emphasis on following through on ones intentions.  You may receive an opportunity to work closely with someone you look up to or are passionate about.  Keep your eyes peeled for ways to stabilize yourself and your relationships as these efforts are likely to produce instant results at this time.

#HighPriestess & #4ofSwords (rx) Emerging from a period of relaxed introspection with new awareness and deeper connection to your own intuition.  Someone may be coming out with some long held information. There is a need to remain self contained, but aware and connected to all that is outside oneself.  This is a time to be deliberate about what you share or keep from others in order to maintain your own sense of mental stability but there is also a major lesson here about the duality of the individual.  We connect as separate beings even while our awareness of a deeper oneness affects every exchange.




Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/30 – 5/6/18


DECKS USED: Night Sun Tarot & Mystic Mondays

Overall Energy (bottom of the deck): 2 of Swords & The Lovers
It’s time for a big decision! Today, we are faced with a head or heart decision, possibly one that will significantly change our lives and those of others.  It seems like Venus’ transit into Gemini late last week is the most prevailing energy at play here, as The Lovers, the Major Arcana card representing the sign of the twins, shows up twice in this reading. Some of us are handling the lighthearted yet communicative energy better than others.

We come into the week trying to maintain a cooperative attitude, despite waning enthusiasm or ego battles taking place between ourselves and others.  Building a foundation that supports a group takes each individuals effort, but also requires that they each have a stable foundations within.  In some connections that may be lacking at this time on one or both sides.  #3ofPentacles #QueenofWands (rx)

Some of these situations, social groups or communities simply no longer fulfill us on an emotional level or offer a genuine sense of empathy/connection. As we clarify our own path and realign our focus toward productive actions and forward movement, we may be called to leave these experiences behind in search of true fulfillment elsewhere.  Think of anything you need to let go of now and release it with grace as this is a time of space making. #10ofCups (rx) #TheChariot

As the middle of the week progresses, we come out of the mind to re-engage with the world around us.  For many, this will require discerning which of our relationships are no longer serving or encouraging our highest good, what behaviors, attitudes and responses we project that cause us to receive undesirable responses or to react in a way that is of the lower self.  The Scorpio Full Moon has emphasized the calling to let go of the physical connections where emotional bonds have already been broken and to also release the pain and resentment that comes with having to do so.  How can we learn from our triggers how to better select and invest our energy? There is a strong emphasis on separation and solitude for the sake of introspection and growth here. Even when withdrawing your energy, make sure that you do it for the right reasons and not mistreat others due to ego bruises others communicating their pain or unpleasant reactions to you.  Direct and complete communication is something not many can partake in or handle, but it is imperative for our growth and a requirement for depth in bonding. #TheHermit (rx) #Justice (rx) #7ofPentacles (rx) #TheLovers (rx)

There is a strong manipulative, jealous, and back biting energy at play at the end of the week.  #5ofSwords speaks of lose-lose battles due to vindictive behavior or below the belt communication.  Some of us may be or have already read someone for filth and as a result, there is manipulation of resources possibly behind the scenes. Someone is trying to hinder the manifestation of another as a result of some harmful communication, neglect, or their own inner tension. However, it doesn’t look like they’ll be successful, provided we ground ourselves, clarify our intentions and communicate from the version of ourselves we are striving to more effortlessly embody. #TheMagician
Be honest with yourself about the offers or opportunities coming to you at this time and do not fall back on habits, relationships, or other circumstances that hinder your sense of inner peace from flourishing. #6ofSwords (rx) #7ofCups (rx)  The result is a new sense of emotional balance, more effective emotional communication, and the wisdom of when, how, and under what circumstances to speak or withhold our personal truths.  #KnightofCups #AceofSwords (rx) An interesting week, no doubt this is already shaping up to become.



Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/23 – 4/29/2018

Decks used: Cosmic Deck of Initiation, Radiant Rider Waite (finally😏 lol), & Thoth Tarot

The overall energy (bottom of the deck) reads positively to me. Something like an unexpected truth that you can celebrate or at the very least one that results in some increased camaraderie amongst us all.  Information is coming into us that will allow us to relax into the joy of the present moment. #UniversalCompassion showing up along side these cards reminds us of the newly gained skill we must embody to make the best of this week’s energy. Regardless of what we need from others, our primary need is to participate in love and that means to show up authentically and give of yourself.

#3ofSwords (rx) #10ofWands We come into the week finishing up a cycle of healing that left some of us overwhelmed with the potential and responsibility before us as we stop identifying with our pains and take concrete steps toward creating our ideal lives. As our enthusiasm for the task at hand waxes full with he moon #9ofCups, #Death (rx) comes in with a reminder that all that comes must go and all that is must change. Learning be at peace with release is key to manifestation of any intention you set. Be joyful during transition even when it’s something you love as it is only changing form. That includes all thought patterns, reactions, and ways of relating that no longer serve our personal evolution.

The unconscious influence showing up as #TheHangedMan (rx) and #7ofPentacles midweek highlights the feeling of restlessness we all have post Mecury turning direct.  We are impatient with the slow incremental forward movement and aching to just get our hands dirty and have it all done. However the lesson here is about patience and consistency with yourself and the application of meticulous effort toward that which reflects your growth and chosen direction. Let your attitude and actions reflect the new perspective you’ve adopted. Let the work you put in speak to it’s own importance. Some of us are still lingering in our disappointment unable to forgive ourselves or each other. #KnightofCups.  Allowing ourselves to release the stored emotional trauma we’ve grown accustomed to living with will bring the last cycle to completion allowing us a sense of mental, emotional, and for some even financial renewal.

There is an opportunity for a new beginning here and it is dependent upon outlook and willingness to take risks and actions. #TheAeon (#Judgement ) also indicates that some of us are at the precipice of life changing decisions the kind of which we cannot go back on.  All the more reason patience, clarity, and internal balance and release are highlighted early on.  Recognize your power and accept the responsibility that comes with manifesting your intentions. Mindfulness of your environment and compassion for self will lead you in the right direction.  This is confirmed by #TheDevil showing up reversed implying that the waning desire to act in accordance to our previous selves is propelling us out of fear, toxicity and codependency toward greater union with ourselves and others.  Facing our own shadows with dedication and unconditional acceptance allows us to also face others more authentically and communicate from our heart space. #2ofCups We are now evolving toward a new lesson: vulnerability.

The advice for the week, especially as we move from midweek through the weekend is stillness.  Rather than strain against the limitations of our environments, and indeed ourselves, it is necessary to pause and re-evaluate our current cirumstances seeking the deeper understanding that comes with increasing clarity. #8ofSwords This requires that we stop taking actions and making plans, and consider what has occurred so far. What is left to learn from it? How did those situations bring us forward and set us up for the changes now at hand? Where are we still unsure?  Slow down #TheWorld (rx) and see deeply what is calling for your attention, allow yourself the rest necessary to clear, calm, and refocus the mind as this is how we make the best decisions moving forward toward continued evolution.  You’ll be delighted to find that when you take time to be still, go within, and reconnect to your inner compass #TheHermit (rx) you are in a better position to interact honestly with the world.  More expansive options and opportunities increase in number when you’re not moving to fast to recognize them.  It’s imperative that your are in touch with your best self when choosing between them. #7ofCups

Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/9 – 4/15/18

Decks used: Hanson-Roberts (full-sized & miniature)

Weekly Spread

Monday/ Past: King of Pentacles & Queen of Rods (rx)
Tuesday/ Present: Eight of Pentacles & Queen of Cups
Wednesday/ Unknown: Knight of Swords & 9 of Rods (rx)
Thursday/ Hopes & Fears: The Lovers  & Queen of Pentacles (rx)
Friday/ Environment: The Tower (rx) & 3 of Cups (rx)
Saturday/ Advice: Queen of Pentacles (rx) & Ace of Cups (rx)
Sunday/ Outcome: Justice (rx) & King of Pentacles

Bottom of the Deck (Overall theme):
10 of Swords (rx) & 8 of Swords (rx)
“Transcending stagnancy, manipulation & betrayal & codependency by means of mindfulness and effective communication”

Weekly Breakdown

As the week starts out there is a focus on where we may best take leadership roles in our lives, where we are called to step up and take more responsibility for our selves and be accountable to our actions and attitudes.  Control may be an issue here, possibly a power struggle or case of mismatched priorities.  On one hand, a stable, practical energy is present or needed, but underlying that is a drama seeking, selfish, or manipulative energy is at play, possibly belying the stable exterior.  This could be in the form of malicious gossip, tantrums, or financial instability/conflicts.  If this is the same person, you may be dealing with a narcissistic energy who has become a master of maintaining their illusion.  Your best bet is to disengage or do not respond to provocation.
Someone may also have lost the confidence necessary to regain control of a situation, but it appears to be turning around as they become more grounded in the present moment.  Still, others may be forced to face their own inadequacies head-on as they recognize they’re contributing to challenging circumstances and dynamics socially.

As the week progresses, Tuesday and Wednesday someone is definitely grounding themselves and putting in the work to maintain a balance between inner peace and direct and assertive engagement in the world, possibly where they are not totally certain of the motives and perspectives of those around them.  Clear and respectful communication, mindfulness and discernment are all ways we can practice both self care and healthy connection if that is what we seek.

You may have waitied for someone or something and given up only for it to arrive unexpectedly.  Be careful of speaking harshly to others due to exaggerated suspicions due to past issues.  It will create a repeating and increasingly tense cycle.  Thursday brings a selfish or unreliable energy being tempered by a balanced reaction.  Someone is manifesting a union! (Either between themselves and another or integrating the divine masculine & feminine within)  It could also be that a greedy or self-serving person is affecting a strongly bonded connection between two other people.  Defending against this energy requires vulnerability, discernment, and a grounded focus toward facing issues together.

As we go into the weekend, much change is taking place and how it shows up in our lives is determined by how resistant we are to the transitions and transformations we’ve been shown by the Universe we now need to make to progress.  Friday, we may barely avoid a blow up as a connection seems to move toward an unavoidable, but not totally unexpected ending. The emotional connection has been severed and we may have been resisting making the change necessary to tear the foundation down completely, but crumble it will.  Avoiding disaster by disassociating from the situation rather than lingering in the toxic energy.  It is important to accept when you’ve grown apart from someone and exit with grace rather than stay and birth unnecessary conflict due simply to incompatibility.

For some, change we’ve been trying to avoid is now taking place with or without our cooperation.  As resistance is futile, it is less harmful to embrace the change and open your mind and heart to the new potentials arriving.  Someone may need to get a physical and some sort of overindulgence has resulted in compromised health.  This is a time to practice balance rather than an all-or-nothing approach to life. Saturday, be mindful of spitefulness, materialism, ungrounded behaviors like reckless spending and overeating as these things may create blockages to love or other interpersonal relations.

This is a time to review and reflect on our emotional responses, both to others and our own perceptions of reality and re-ground them with our current realities. On Sunday, we may cut someone off in order to stabilize ourselves mentally or financially.  On the other end a person in a position of authority may come make a decision with which we do not agree or come in to back us as judgment falls against us in a given situation.  Either way, maintaining a responsible realistic approach to our own growth and a clear perception of the goings on around us will allow us to prevail.

Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/26/18 – 4/1/2018


Decks Used: Rider Waite-Smith & Osho Zen Tarot

Monday / Past: The Lovers (rx) & 5 of Rainbows (pentacles) “The Outsider”

An imbalance emotionally or financially has led to a sense of isolation or an actual separation in a relationship (regardless of the type of connection).  Delaying decision making or deciding against one’s own best interest may have brought on a loss of camaraderie or resources.  The results of these decisions/indecision is culminating now.

Tuesday / Present: 4 of SwordsXXI (The World) “Completion”

You may be working to calm the mind and maintain an emotional distance as a cycle comes to a close and the often chaotic nature of change makes itself known.  This strategy will lend much to restoring peace to a turbulent situation and indeed may be the only way of maintaining it.

Wednesday / Unconscious: The Devil & I (The Magician) “Existence”

There is an epic battle taking place between potential and familiarity.  Fear of the unknown may be hindering recognition of the resources, talents, and support available to you.  Engaging in immediate gratification versus long term investments may come up for consideration mid-week.  It’s time to make clear distinctions between that which is desired and that which is necessary for continued growth & evolution.

Thursday / Hopes & Fears: Queen of Cups & 9 of Fire (Wands) “Exhaustion”

We are striving to maintain emotional balance and connection to our intuition as we approach the end of a situation that has weathered us or in some way made us fearful suspicious or as if a thread to our peace is imminent.  Relax.  Your thoughts create your experience after all.  Expect the best possible outcome and trust in yourself to handle any challenge that may arrive in pursuit of it.

Friday / Environment: Knight of Pentacles & 5 of Water (Cups) “Clinging to the Past”

Someone’s progress is slow or being otherwise held up by an emotional attachment to a loss, separation or past mistake.   Progress is in fact occurring but someone’s shame or hurt may cause them to be blind to it.

Saturday / Advice: Ace of Wands & 2 of Air (Swords) “Schizophrenia”

Now is the time to release your emotional attachments and begin logical, practical planning and research for a project/business or task close to your heart is about to get underway and it requires that you be ready and clear minded to ensure success.  “Proper preparation” and shit, no?  Figuring your way around a roadblock requires logic creativity & fearless action taking.

Sunday / Outcome: Knight of Swords & XII (Hanged Man) “New Vision”

Today is not the time for in depth communication, decision making or even action taking.  This is a day to rest the mind as stillness and the creation of peace within will allow you both the time and clarity necessary to bring your perspective more in line with your purpose so that you can take action when the time does arrive.  Plus, it’s April, fools.  You’d be wise not to invest in anything you hear today.

Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/19/18 – 3/25/18


NOTE: This week does seem a little heavy on the energy, specifically regarding communications. Undoubtedly, this is due to Mercury stationing retrograde mid-week. However, I am reticent to disregard either meaning of the Magician reversed due to the fact that it shows up twice clarified or clarifying cards representing tense or deceitful communication. Be mindful of your thoughts and words folks. Everything you think aint real and everything you want to say isn’t necessary.

Decks used: Rider Waite-Smith & After Tarot

Monday / Past: The World & Justice Reversed

We’ve come to a turning point in our lives or chosen paths & projects. Now all are faced with important decisions (possibly life changing = major arcana) that must be made with consideration to fairness for all parties involved with us (not necessarily what we or others want, but in equal measure to that which we’ve put out). Some of us are learning to be more fair to ourselves & that may be a welcome change, but it will impact EVERYTHING around us in significant ways. Be sure to use discernment and compassion.

Tuesday / Present: 4 of Swords & 4 of Cups

Some people are taking up new meditative and healing practices as we learn to identify our triggers, distractions and the disillusionment associated with missed opportunities and rejection from ourselves and others. Take time out to consciously and calm consider what in the environment you may be missing or taking for granted or any offers coming to you. Some of us are passing on offers due to need for rest & healing.

Wednesday / Unknown Influence: Magician (rx) & Knight of Swords

Barbed comments & verbal misunderstandings are creating power struggles between us (possibly due to ego’s bruised by harsh truths spoken or outright manipulative energy). With Mercury retrograde (The Magician represents the planet mercury, ironically), it is all too easy for impulsive or misleading words and behaviors to halt communication or exacerbate distrust. Out attempts at manifesting are being delayed due to a need to communicate with someone who may hold resources we need. Diplomacy and vigilance are required in this case.

Thursday / Hopes & Fears: Ace of Swords & Knight of Cups

The trust is realized either internally or via communication received that offer healing, forgiveness, or love. Clarity is now pointing some of us in the direction or our ability to self heal. New insights are allowing those of us who’ve spent sometime blocked or isolated to re-open our hearts to love and intimate connections with those around us. Either way, the truths that arrive on this day are making way for our sense of emotional contentment.

Friday / Environment: 7 of Wands (rx) & Ace of Pentacles (rx)

Not paying heed to the conflict and competitive edge of those around you may cause you or someone else to lose footing (or be knocked off a undeserved high horse). Assert yourself without oppressing others. It is in fact possible. This is a time for planning and taking steps toward your own fulfillment without compromise. While this definitely doesn’t mean to run over others, it does mean not to let the hinder your progress. Some of us may be making large purchases in order to build stability in the long term.

Saturday / Advice: 5 of Pentacles & 8 of Pentacles

A sense of being isolated and yet surrounded permeates some of our connections, lately as we are growing out of old selves and into new ones. Some may in fact need to separate from environments that are imbalanced energetically or financially in order to focus fully on their own growth and stability. Beware of equating material gains and pursuits with self-worth as you may unintentionally alienate yourself from those willing to work with you. Others are working diligently to master their skills or manage their finances possibly. Due to a lack of outside emotional or financial support, we may be feeling as if we’d make better progress solo.

Sunday / Outcome: 7 of Swords & Magician (rx)

Deceitful communication, secrecy and manipulation are definitely at play this day. It is imperative that we are aware of our surroundings and the intentions of those in our environment as they affect our ability to manifest according to our will. Be strategic in your planning, and keep what is important to you to yourself as someone in the environment is hell bent on preventing the fruition of a person’s plans. Conversely, if you are the one lying or attempting to manipulate another to your own advantage your run the risk of ruining chances at getting what you want.

Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/12 /18 – 3/18/18


DECKS USED: Hanson-Roberts Tarot/ Crowley’s Book of Thoth

MONDAY: Knight of Rods(wands) / Prince(knight) of Swords

We are seeking, clarifying and communicating our personal truth with emotional detachment. We must be careful to remain respectful of others and reliable to our responsibilities as we may become so caught up in what we think should be that we forget to operate within the parameters of what is. Fearlessly take action toward that which inspires you, but don’t forget to consider the impact of your decisions on others in the environment.

TUESDAY: Death/ The Hermit

Today, we are compelled to ask ourselves which healing modalities work for us under our current circumstances, release or introspection? The opportunity for deep healing and discernable change has arrived for us all, but with it personal responsibility has also increased? How can letting go bring us closer to our authentic selves? What parts of ourselves are se still rejecting or avoiding acknowledgement of? Those of us still feeling stuck even while these great energetic shifts are occuring are called to focus on what we’re holding onto or refusing to compromise on and reevaluate it’s role in our lives.

WEDNESDAY: 7 of Cups& 3 of Cups (rx)/ Ace of Swords

Someone communicates a truth to us or we come to it by way of our own perception that both clarifies and releases us from disatisfying or unstable connections that we may have been struggling to emotionally detach from. We are now experiencing a series of small rebirths as we take hold of a new perspective. Expanded possibilities and potentials we may have previously been unaware of make themselves known and our discernment becomes important as there are many choices, yes, but not all are as they appear.

THURSDAY: The High Priestess/ 7 of Wands

We have decided and communicated where we stand and are now gaining momentum in pursuit of a goal we decided upon after much introspection, only to encounter opposition as we strive above and beyond our initial successes, possibly causing some folks around us to question their role in our lives. Others may feel threatened by the height and speed of our progress and actively oppose our plans, but our intuition will serve us in these cases, warning us of any interference and guiding us toward our own fulfilment. “Keep the squares up outta ya circle”.
FRIDAY: 7 of Swords (rx) / 6 of Wands

Our sense of success and achievement arrives as a result of truth being communicated after concealment. Attempts to deceive ourselves and others and their attempts to do the same come into the light of day and with it, a new understanding of the necessary actions and ways of communicating that foster fast forward movement and positive recognition from those we are attempting to connect with. It is imperative that we are logical and practical when making decisions, honest and explicit when speaking, and ever mindful of the perceptions and behaviors of those in our environment that affect us as they are directly tied to our potential for progress.
SATURDAY: Queen of Wands (rx) / Ace of Wands

A chance for a passionate new beginning, possibly a creative or business venture, an attractive potential partner arrives or a sexual relationship is on offer at this time, but there may be some fear of taking action or a lack of confidence in your own deservedness. Clarity surrounding the possible consequences of acting on our desire for immediate gratification keeps us from doing anything at all. Take some time out to redefine for yourself what you want and what you have to offer and do not compromise… even with yourself. Go where you feel inspired to give your all and can realistically expect your energy to be reciprocated. *NOTE: The Ace of Wands shows up twice in this reading, the second time being at the bottom of the primary deck. This energy is the strongest energy of the reading and will affect our daily experiences throughout the week.

SUNDAY: 2 of Wands/ 9 of Pentacles

: 2 of Wands/ 9 of Pentacles

Look out for creative new ways and paths to take toward your independence and stability as you are now faced with multiple paths and the time for decision making is close at hand. Your choice should be fueled by your own passions, should inspire confidence within you, and propel you toward material growth simultaneously. No not every activity should be undertaken with profit in mind, but at this time your own autonomy and security are affected by whatever actions you choose to take and so should be considered as you choose a new direction. Travel may be indicated, possibly as a means to financial gain or support.

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