Thursday, July 6, 2017 “The Devil”

When The Devil shows up in a reading, there are issues surrounding self-sabotage and control.  We are ruining ourselves by way of our own choices or allowing others to make them for us.  Toxic behaviors and codependent relationships, addictive personalities, all acts or lack of action that lead us into dangerous, harmful, or downright ridiculous situations stem from feelings of disconnection, disillusionment dis-empowerment.  Our sense of self is either uncleanly defined or dependent upon some entity outside ourselves and it is here we must focus when this card shows us it’s misleading face.

Traditionally, this card represents the sign of Capricorn. It is earth energy, sensual indulgence (drugs, sex, shopping, eating, etc.), and also… control.  It represents those distractions we enjoy that pull us from the call to focus on what controls us and what we truly have control over: Ourselves.  We must be honest with ourselves about how we contribute to undesirable circumstances in our lives and become more strict and self composed as we regain control over our manifestations in the physical realm and the spiritual.  This is also a call to create boundaries with those who pull us of the path to our higher selves.

The Devil reminds us that in order to integrate all parts of ourselves, we must often relinquish the need to apply our will in the outer world.  I always interpret the devil as the shadow or an external sabotaging entity that separates us from ourselves creating a sense of duality (masculine and feminine/yin yang/etc) in which we feel sense of being in complete or otherwise lacking.  We must balance work and play, individual needs and collective responsibilities, decadence and discipline. This is the true Capricorn way.  Nobody gives themselves more wholly to pleasure and no one punishes themselves better for it than the goat.

Recognize the hand that holds you back as your own. Free yourself, ground yourself, and then take responsibility for and control of your SELF.

Keywords: Lust, Control, Addiction, Codependency, Responsibility, Disconnection, Punishmen


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