Friday, July 7, 2017 “Page of Swords”

Abracadabra: I Create What I Speak. The art of rebellious truth is represented in the Page of Swords (Princess in the Thoth deck).  Its element is air, full of thought, clarity, and objective desire for honesty.  We must be careful that our words, while they may be reality based should also show respect and regard... Continue Reading →

Thursday, July 6, 2017 “The Devil”

When The Devil shows up in a reading, there are issues surrounding self-sabotage and control.  We are ruining ourselves by way of our own choices or allowing others to make them for us.  Toxic behaviors and codependent relationships, addictive personalities, all acts or lack of action that lead us into dangerous, harmful, or downright ridiculous... Continue Reading →

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 “Strength”

Sometimes, our need for indulgence, our anger, lust, and longing get the better of us.  We are overcome with the feelings of want and of ire, but what of control?  What does it tell us about ourselves when we lose it? This card asks us, where within ourselves do we still feel out of control. ... Continue Reading →

The King of Swords asks us to speak clearly and honestly.  To take focused action toward our highest goals.  To maintain proper levels of objectivity, balancing the logic and emotional sides of the human experience. We are compelled to be honest with ourselves and others about what we want and need and to take action... Continue Reading →

We are handling the details, getting down to the business of rebuilding our emotional selves. (This energy is exacerbated on 7/8and 7/9 with the Full Moon in Capricorn opposing a stellium in Cancer.) We must prepare to take control of and responsibility for our sense of stability within and without.  We are learning that in... Continue Reading →

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