Tarot Spread: Foundations for New Love

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Tarot Spread: Relationship Ankh


This spread is meant to clarify a relationship between two people regardless of what kind. The shape is an ankh because the goal of any relationship should be creation (be it new life, new understanding, experience, or abundance).

1. Best Outcome/Mutual Expectations
This is the best result possible from an intentional bond between the 2 people. This can also be what each person expects from the connection.

2. Point of Conflict
This is an issue, event, behavior or attitude (could also come up as a person🙄) that creates tension between the two people. One or both are aware of what this issue is and may be able to clarify.

3. Underlying Issue
The card in this position denotes the unconscious energy or unknown info (if only one person inquiring) contributing to the problem in card 2.

4.Worst Possible Outcome
What shows up here is the result of letting cards 2 and 3 control the relationship. These cards can be overcome by the energy/advice in cards 7- 8, 11- 12.

5 – 6. Contributing Behaviors/Attitudes
Each person across from the other. These cards represent each persons behavior toward other and also the energies they project onto one another.

7 – 8. Hopes
This is each persons highest hope for the direction or outcome of the relationship. Not their expectations, rather what they would create from it were there no issues or other hindrances.

9- 10. Fears
This is what each party worries about re:the relationship. This is what each person is consciously trying to avoid.

11 – 12. Advice
Each persons best possible contribution to the relationship is embodied here. Combined with their hopes these cards represent what to strive for and how to get there. If the 2 parties work together with this energy, they bring about the result in card 1

September 2017 Tarot Forecast

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This is obviously a 9 month (we have a total of four 9 cards in a 9 card reading. Go figure). The number 9 is a number of Culmination and intensity. It is the last and most fruitful part of a cycle before the pause the 10 offers in the face of a new beginning.

Allowing our minds and hearts to heal after the releases and review of the past and the energetic shifts the eclipse brought forth is creating stronger inner foundations within us all. Some of us are working to heal from a poverty mindset in order to invite opportunities for increased abundance into our individual experiences. Intuition is strong and brings awareness of the potential for transformative change and greater manifestation. We are balancing our emotions and changing minds, rejuvenating our faith in self and our hopes for the collective evolution. This is brought on by way of awakening our self-nurturing skills and the resulting sense of fulfillment. We must let go of non-sensical, negative, and limiting thought patterns that undermine our sense of self in order to move forward and make the most of the current energy.

Inner conflict comes from lack of self awareness and acceptance. Resistance to what is creates stagnancy and stagnancy invites lower vibrational emotions, experiences, and relationships. Some of us have been waiting for someone else’s intervention to propel us toward forward movement. However, we are called to independently embark on our own healing and evolution in order to gain faith, wisdom, and emotional contentment that is not dependent on external influence and not subject to fluctuations in the environment.

There will be the necessary upheaval and conflict that comes with asserting our truth and individuality onto the world outside us. Engaging in a healthy way is a testament to the growth that in many cases has been forced upon us. We are coming out of the cocoons of consciousness we’ve been incubating in and making space for what serves us and brings us joy by engaging active self reflection and releasing all that does not resonate without resentment. We can no longer stomach anything that insults or neglects our sense of self. This is the end of a new beginning.

September 2017 Transit Summary

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9/5/17 Mercury stations direct in Leo, conjunct Mars & N.Node, trine Sun in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries. Mars enters Virgo.

Self exploration & expression may fluctuate as we become increasingly clear on the changes that have taken place within and externally as a result of the eclipse.  We are more certain of  who we are, why we are here and what in our lives hinders or encourages us on that journey.  Mercury and Mars conjunction requires us to speak authentically and follow up with action.  Saturn joining the mix demands that we speak and act authentically, respectfully and in timing with the prevailing energies.  Consideration of other peoples boundaries and healthy setting of our own is a major theme as we come to greater understanding of our individual and collective journeys.  Uranus adds his contribution to this fiery trine by reminding us to expect and even embrace the unexpected as it is usually the unseen or unpredictable workings of the Universe that push us toward expression growth.

Mars’ ingress into Virgo propels us to take practical action to organize our lives and gives us pleasure and a stronger sense of security.  Timing is increasingly important and we will be forced or at least strongly encouraged to prioritize our energetic output to guarantee success.  What areas of your life require attention to detail, organization or usually feel tedious? This is the perfect time to focus attention here with less resistance.  Intimacy will be tinged with a striving toward perfection and attention to detail. This includes sexual activity and so discovering your partner’s hot spots will come all too easily!  Our secret pleasures are now being acted upon.  Be careful not to get analysis paralysis in striving toward perfection in all areas.

9/19 Venus Ingress Virgo

Venus comes up behind mars and we are called to use more discernment regarding love, physical appearance/self-care and health/work routines.  Mars’ proximity brings necessary motivation to make changes in theses areas.  It also raises the heat factor (Venus and Mars in mythology had quite the illicit affair :)).  This is an opportunity to care better for self and attract love that encourages and energizes our quest for self-improvement.  Those with Venus in Virgo have a tendency to over-extend themselves to others in the name of service and facilitating the healing of others.  Turning this energy inward allows us to be in a better position to assist others from a place of wholeness. Venus will oppose Neptune as a part of this transit.  Be careful in interactions with others to clarify boundaries, roles, and expectations in interpersonal relationships.  Take initiative to prepare yourself so you may receive the healing energy now available to us all.

9/20 New Moon in Virgo

Setting intentions surrounding holistic health routines (mind/body/soul/finances) will allow us a sense of progress and inner security.  Analytical skills are at their peak and we are called to get practival in whatever area of our lives this moon falls in.   Prioritize the tasks we are faced with and apply practical and persistent effort and patience with the manifestation in the materal world.  This moon also opposes Neptune in Pisces and challenges us to find the balance between our critical self-analysis and our acceptance of our and others’ imperfections.

9/22 Fall Equinox (Sun enters Libra)

Returning to a place of balance internally and externally by removing the clutter from our lives is the them here.  This is the time to integrate the changes that occurred during the summer and accept the results of the eclipses (what got cut out was for our higher good).  Balance intellect and emotion we can harvest our just rewards and prepare for the winter.

9/24 Mars Opposes Neptune:  Direction may suddenly become unclear by there is an obvious demand for practical action and movement  Act with integrity in the interest of growth and healing.

August 2017: Balancing Fearful Emotions with Skill, Self-Awareness & Optimism to Move Toward Success

We’ve spent enough time considering the ins and outs of starting over and now the choice is upon us. There is a need to face up to our fears and proceed in spite of them. It’s past time to cultivate the new experiences, outlook and relationships you want and need to participate in for a fulfilling life experience. Don’t give up or self-sabotage when you make mistakes or fall short of your expectations. Mindfully engage the moments in which you feel fear. We must remind ourselves that everything we need to thrive is found within. Under the current astrological energy, manifestation power is strong! Therefore in order to bring to fruition the potential positives, we must be mindful of our words and thoughts and the energy we embody.

Are we properly using our resources is another aspect of the current energy to consider. Identify the places you’ve lied to yourself and others and pour nurturing energy into those places within ourselves and relationships. It is a call to be honest and straightforward about our need for renewal and depth in connection. We need to accept the necessity of being inside ourselves. If needed, this is an excellent time to seek the guidance, instruction, or insight of a spiritual teacher or other wise person. Be careful not to expect the worst due to past conditioning as it will hinder forward movement and healing offered through new intimate connections. We run the risk of feeling rejected due to misinterpreted intentions and miscommunication.

Go within and explore what parts of you seem new or re-emerged. These are the tools with which we will recreate ourselves this month. What do we want to manifest? How will it grow us? What are we willing and unwilling to sacrifice for our own growth? These are the questions we are forced to answer to ourselves and the world around us. In order to create lasting change we must make consistent effort towards small ones by adding routine and structure to our daily lives. We must decide this month if we are going to put in the work or stick to the status quo. If we delay, we may find the decision made for us.

However, a breakthrough or chance for change is on offer if we remain flexible and grounded within ourselves. We must embody our ideals and allow ourselves to alter our behaviors and expressions as we feel the need no matter our quickly. The best way to bring about new lives is to behave as if they are already ours!

Daily Tarot “High Priestess”

Associated with the moon, this powerful feminine archetype embodies all that is intuitive, emotional, and integrated with the spirit and the unconscious.  The High Priestess is a sign that the changes we are going through internally will bring balance to our outer world. We are realigning with all that is, with our divine nature, honing our intuition and understanding of creative and nurturing principles.  The is a call to accept our own sensitivities so that we may more intimately connect with the world around us as our truest selves.  Accepting self and others allows us to more clearly perceive the truth of our connection to the universe.

Today is a great day to participate in activities that put us in touch with our intuitive power.  We must learn to protect our emotional independence by trusting our internal compass.  Where do we allow the perceptions and reactions of others to determine our actions or hinder us from behaving in a way that reflects our personal truths? We are called to day to re-evaluate these situations and refine our reactions to them.

Keywords: Equilibrium, Harmony, Intuition, Integration, Divine Feminine,

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